She thought unemployment benefits were coming. Two months later, eviction loomed

Jennifer Moon has waited more than two months for unemployment benefits — and the delay presented a scary situation.

Absent any income, the 46-year-old, who lives in Cedartown, Georgia, fell behind on bills.

Lenders repossessed her car. She lost water at her home, which she rents, before a friend helped pay the bill.

Most significantly, Moon, a certified nursing assistant, also couldn’t pay her rent. She missed two months of payments — $900 total — and next month’s rent is due soon.

The landlord threatened eviction if Moon can’t pay up by month’s end.

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“I begged and pleaded with them,” she said. “[They said] I have exactly 10 days to be vacated.”

Making up the shortfall by returning to work is also a risky proposition

. Moon has a lung disease, pulmonary emphysema, which requires her to use oxygen and puts her in a high-risk category for Covid-19.

Moon, a single woman, doesn’t have family to fall back on for help, and cares for a 30-year-old son with a disability.

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